The Western Land Symposium counts toward your education requirements of earning "Board Certified Land Agent" Designation or "Board Certified Land Broker" Designation.

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  • Mineral and Mineral Rights
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Attend the 2016 Land Symposium and your 2016 WOLF dues are waived.

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Also joining us this year ...

  • Miss Rodeo California ...
  • Miss Rodeo Oregon ...
  • and Miss Rodeo Idaho ...

to name a few other special guests!!!

  • Recreational Attributes of Land
  • Site Selection
  • Sustainable Development
  • Timber and Timberland
  • Timber for Sale
  • Transitional Land
  • Land Education
  • Land Development
​Anyone interested in land ... and the natural resources associated with land, is encouraged to join now!

The World Organization Land Federation allows buyers, sellers, agents, and brokers to obtain advanced real estate education and advanced marketing opportunities associated with ranching, farming, land, timber, water, orchards, dairies and other natural resouces.

Members are seasoned professionals, many have been selected by invitation only, to join an elite group of land experts. All members are sworn to subscribe to a code of professional ethics for the benefit of sellers, buyers, and fellow members. Whether buying or selling land or land related real estate, there is not a stronger or more professional group of land brokers anywhere. W.O.L.F. offers integrity, knowledge, excellence, and professionalism. Look for the W.O.L.F. logo when dealing with land professionals in the United States. And be sure you ask your agent or broker if they're a W.O.L.F. member? If they are, be assured of their credibility. The W.O.L.F. logo is a sign of excellence, some members have gone the extra mile, and become Alpha W.O.L.F. members. Agents and brokers that are Alpha W.O.L.F. members have the option of becoming certified with various designations through W.O.L.F. Please see our our designations for further details. Agents and brokers associated with the World Organization Land Federation are experts in all fields of land brokerage. W.O.L.F. members are committed to treating every client as their first priority.

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Idaho Governor Butch Otter AND Many More Great Speakers Take the Stage
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Certification - The added measure of expertise.

As granted by the WOLF Member Board of peers, "Board Certification" provides assurance of a real estate agent or real estate broker's expertise, either for a specialty or sub-specialty of the real estate profession. Ongoing education and assessment of certified agents
and brokers inspires and encourages certified specialists to improve their professionalism, leadership and business. Certification, now offered only in land brokerage, will soon be available in residential, commercial, retail, farm, ranch, retail, and other specialties of real estate.

For more info on obtaining "Board Certification" of a specialty, email WOLF.

Natural Resources and Land Issues are Our Specialty.
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Land Agents and Brokers

​Brokers and agents who enjoy benefits of membership in W.O.L.F. form a strong marketing group. This specialized network of professionals are connected by telephone and Internet to effectively and efficiently serve both buyers and sellers. W.O.L.F. members can give buyers immediate information on the availability of exclusive, higher end real estate throughout their market areas. Sellers and buyers working with W.O.L.F. brokers are provided both comparative land values in their particular area, and services of a powerful marketing group of land experts, to handle the sale of their property professionally. In addition to marketing, many members offer valuation, management, counseling, and procurement as a representative of the buyer on a fee or agreed basis. W.O.L.F. Members work tirelessly to facilitate your goals without compromise.

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The World Organization Land Federation is committed to providing outstanding service and value, to leading real estate agents and brokers, world wide. We are known for developing quality working relationships with our clientele; relationships based on respect, integrity, and trust. We are recognized as the preeminent real estate brokerage network, in the highly specialized field of land. We pride ourselves in helping you build a solid foundation in land, for your real estate career. Whether you are helping purchase, sell, or brokering a land deal, we ensure that you have the support you need, to make sound decisions.

Whether you are a buyer, a seller, a broker, or other land professional, we will be happy to assist you and work with you.

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Whether buying or selling, call one of these W.O.L.F. professional members today.

​View the Member Page to locate a land agent or land broker nearest you. 
Our code of ethics will soon be printed in the appendix of the Roster of Members.

2 Dozen Great Speakers Take Center Stage:

Idaho Governor - Butch Otter, 
And business, economic, tax, legal, conservation, marketing, land and investment, valuation, water rights, natural gas, oil, gold, other mineral rights experts, crop and cattle experts, farm and ranch experts, fish, wildlife, 1031 Exchange, and many more leading professional experts.

Land is a very specialized field of the real estate practice. It required a high level of expertise and experience demonstrated in actual, closed land sales.

Make sure you are working with either a "Board Certified" Land Broker (CLB) or a "Board Certified" Land Agent (CLA)

If you're not sure if your agent or broker is "Board Certified", Ask!!!

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Interested in subdivision land or development land?
Are you in the market for a ranch? What about any other type of land?

Now with W.O.L.F., any where in the West 
is as close to you as your closest member office. 

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